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Resale vs. Consignment?

Both resale and consigning are great ways to clear space in your home or closet while making money… this means more time and money for you to shop great deals on new finds to refresh your home décor and wardrobe.

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  • Resale vs. Consignment?

    Whether it's that expensive jacket you fell for then seldom wore, or the beautiful table that doesn't fit the new dining room, your once-loved treasures can be a true joy to someone else. And just think of all the kids' clothing, gear, and equipment that your children outgrow! Consignment and resale shops connect your under-loved items with new owners who will adore them!

    How consignment works...

    When you agree to consign your items to a shop, you're a consignor. You maintain title to your possessions but give the rights to sell these items to the shop, which is the consignee. You receive the agreed-upon monetary return after the goods are sold.

    That's consignment in a nutshell. Specifics of consigning with a shop should be clearly outlined in their consignment agreement, which will spell out the monetary return, length of consignment period, price-reduction policies, and so on.

    What's a resale shop?

    Technically, all shops that sell consumer goods which have had a previous owner are resale shops. That includes consignment shops, donation-only thrift stores, and shops which buy their merchandise outright. However, most shoppers call a buy-outright shop a resale shop. These shops can, and most do, buy from the general public.

  • A mother's hobby turns into booming consignment business!

    After the birth of her third child in 2008, Juliana Ruiz of Pembroke Pines felt she had too much stuff. Her house was overflowing with unneeded children's clothing, toys and items, so she went the route many do to try to get rid of them.

    "I had tried to sell on eBay and I had tried to sell on Craig's List, and I wasn't really getting the results I wanted," Ruiz said.


  • Purchasing clothing at consignment shops means sustainability is fashionable.

    As soon as you spot the mannequin dressed as a mermaid in EcoChic Consignment Boutique's window display, you know the store will be full of surprises. Once you step through both doors, you aren't disappointed. The top of every wall is decorated with a full outfit displayed on a hanger. Curtains give customers trying on clothing some privacy, while the scent of a vanilla candle and the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald accompany shoppers as they browse through racks of formal gowns, fall jackets and an assortment of boots. The fashionably clad ladies behind the sales register greet every customer with a smile and an offer to help.


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